Escape from Tarkov Beginner Tips For Newcomers Guide

How to play for newcomers who Escape from Tarkov? It is not clear to many friends I want to come, so today I will bring you the entry skills of novice Escape from Tarkov. Friends who need it may wish to come in and take a look.

Getting Started Tips for Escape from Tarkov

EFT beginner tips for newcomers guide

Change the way you play
In fact, not only in Tarkov, but in PUBG or other similar games, many novice players are playing such a game, that is, hope to play by sneak attack. For example, it is similar to playing Assassin’s Creed or Metal Gear. You quietly walk behind the enemy, and then a backstab kills the enemy silently.

Unfortunately, in a game against other players rather than NPCs, unless your character has the ability to be invisible, the above method is unlikely to be successful against a non-new player. So, the first thing you have to do is to change the way you play. You will face real players in the game. They cannot stand like a stand-alone game waiting for you to approach quietly, or slowly approach you from behind They did not respond at the time.

Simply put, you must always be ready to engage in a direct crossfire with the enemy, just like playing CS. You need to play Tarkov with this mentality.

Understand the map
This is a very complicated process, and it can’t be done by playing offline mode.
First of all, you need to know the birth points of all the PMCs in the map, so that when the game starts, you can immediately know where other players will be born around you. For example, if you were born in the grass on the north side of the customs trailer parking lot, another player might appear on the railway on the other side of the trailer parking lot.

At the same time, at the other end of the railway, there will be a birthplace of PMC. After you have this information, you can consider corresponding countermeasures based on your location. Assuming that your purpose is the customs warehouse office, in the path from your birth location to the customs warehouse office, which places will hit the same enemy as your destination, which places will be seen by the enemy, etc. These questions should be in your calculations.

Of course, there may be cases where other players may not want to go to the customs office at all, which is why many times you have not considered the above-mentioned things at all, and have arrived at your destination safely and safely. At other times, you have been shot by a bullet that doesn’t know where you are before taking two steps.

In conclusion, if you have never considered the above issues, then every time you arrive at your destination safely is just luck. But luck will not always be on your side.

Second, understand eft resources and tasks on the map. Where is the crowd at the beginning, and where is the crowd in the middle of the game. Again, let’s take an example.

This map of the coastline, there must be someone going when the weather station starts, if you are not born in the nearest position beside the stone bridge, then when you run to the weather station, you need to be ready to fight; For players born in Shiqiao, when you come out of the weather station, if you go straight to open the two weapon boxes in the yard, there is a 50% chance that you will be killed by bullets from unknown places.. On the contrary, if you are ready to fight when you come out of the building and look closely at the surroundings, then there is a high probability that you can also harvest a “knife run”.

Understand the terrain and choose the way to travel
Choose the right terrain to decide your life and death in this game. I have observed the player squatting on the ground numerous times through the sight, slowly rubbing forward. Perhaps for those players, they think this “rubbing” method is very safe, but the actual situation is quite the opposite. In simple terms, the terrain in the game is divided into buildings and outside buildings. The situation inside the building is more complicated. Let’s talk about the outside of the building first. There are only three types of terrain outside the building: plains, woods and rolling terrain.

When you travel on the plains, you need to use a sprint, even if you are attacked by others, do not stop to observe. The reason is very simple. It is too difficult to hit an object in motion. If the opponent is sniping, then he will fire a limited number of times; if the opponent fires a weapon repeatedly, the recoil will basically make the subsequent bullet unable to hit the moving object. The goal. Please do not consider the situation of being shot by a magic bullet occasionally. If you always sprint, the probability of your survival will be much greater than that of being killed.

Many people think that walking in the woods is a very dangerous thing, because the vision is not very good, and often can only be judged by the sound, and when they pass through the grass, they will make a sound, so they squat down or walk slowly Rubbing forward in the woods or grass.

This is a very wrong way. Although you may not be sniped in the grass by players in the distance, in fact, your slow way of walking just gives the enemy in the woods a chance to find you. Because when the enemy hears your voice, they have enough time to stop and observe and then discover you through the gap. And if you travel at normal speed, although the enemy will hear your voice, but the time left for him to observe is very short, then you both will be surprised to find that the other one appears in front of you, this time depends on their respective reactions .

The undulating terrain is the most suitable for traveling, because you can walk along the slope and observe the other side without slope. At this time you can hear any sound from behind the slope, and the slope itself is a bunker for you, you will not receive direct attacks from behind the slope, but only need to concentrate on observing the range of up to 180 degrees. If you are suddenly attacked, run to the other side of the slope instead of standing and staring at the screen to find someone. Because you can stop the 180-degree attack by running to the other side of the slope, unless the enemy is directly in front of and behind you, you can have a chance to breathe.

As for indoors, it is quite normal to be shot indoors by bullets that do n’t know where, because there are so many hidden or hidden places that you ca n’t take care of every location. The only thing you can do is to ensure the “minimum safety range”, or to give an example, if you plan to walk all the way from the stairs outside the third floor of the customs dormitory to the innermost symbol room, then you can choose one by one leapfrog go ahead. Make sure that there are no enemies in every room you rush into, and wherever you can attack this room. Although the enemy may be in the room next to you, that’s about it.

In fact, there is another factor to consider when choosing the terrain and the way of travel is “possible enemies and their weapons”, I will use an example to illustrate. It is much more dangerous to move the yard of the helicopter parked in the reserve station and the yard of the coastline sanatorium than you are moving elsewhere on the coastline or in the forest plains. Why do you say this? Because of the short distance, when you move near a reserve station or a building on the coastline, anyone in any room can threaten you with any weapon. In contrast, running on a large open area, although you may be easily found, but only those with high magnification mirrors and sniper weapons may pose a real threat to you. As for others, some may shoot a few shots. Some luck, and some may not shoot at all in order not to expose themselves.

Active offense and passive defense
When the enemy is found or attacked by the enemy, you need to consider whether it is active attack or passive defense. Only one scenario is described here, that is, you and the enemy are located on both sides of a slope at medium and short distances. At this moment, choosing active attack will have more advantages than passive defense, because the person who stands on the top of the slope first can choose to shoot or use terrain cover, and the defender is completely exposed after the other party reaches the top of the slope.

The above is the beginner’s skills to Escape from Tarkov, everyone knows it.

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