Temtem Tamer is a long road to growth

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collection adventure game. With your Temtem tamer, seek adventure in the beautiful Omnisiasia ’s floating islands. Capture a variety of Tem, fight against other Temtem tamer, customize your own house, join a friend’s adventure, or explore the dynamic online world. The main gameplay is similar to “Pokémon”. Players need to overcome the Dao Pavilion to cultivate Tengju and can compete with each other. Once the game is launched, it will continue to maintain the top position in Steam sales. Then how about this game?

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The game builds a fantasy world where humans and Tem live in harmony. Becoming a Temtem tamer has almost become the dream of every child, and the player will also play a child who is inspirational to be a Temtem tamer. During the adventure, you need to constantly capture more powerful and rare Tems. And train them as powerful partners, exploring the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, discovering new species, and making good friends along the way.

In terms of game settings and gameplay, it basically borrows from the settings of “Pokémon“. Players need to choose one of the three initial Tems when starting the game. In subsequent battles, they can also use Tem cards to capture other wild animals. Tem. The already acquired Tem can gain experience by participating in battles, so as to evolve into more powerful forms and learn new skills.

The ultimate purpose of culturing temtem is to use it in battle. At present, there are about 80 types of Tem in Temtem and it is divided into twelve attributes. Attribute restraint is a vital element of Tem in battle. The water system temtem restrains the fire system, while the fire system Tem restrains the natural system, and the natural system can restrain the water system. Using attribute restraint can do double damage or even make up the difference between the levels. In addition, the game’s main 2V2 combat mode, two Tems each time they can play together, some skills will show different effects under the blessing of teammate attributes, so how to configure the combination is also a crucial factor to win.

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Temtem will acquire more powerful skills after upgrading to a certain level, but each Tem can only master a maximum of four skills, and how to choose should be determined according to needs. The use of skills will consume the energy of the Tem. When the required physical strength is not enough, the skills can be released, but at the cost of life consumption. In addition, certain skills require a certain amount of preparation time to launch. These powerful skills often have more effects, and the rich attributes and skill combination give players more control over the battle.

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The battle of the game is quite skillful and playable, but it is difficult to become an excellent Temtem tamer. The growth of Tem requires a lot of time and energy, but the current content of the game is difficult to support the players for so long. road.

The battle in Takino is mainly based on the compulsory NPC battle and the grassy thunder, but the overly intensive compulsory battle is really overwhelming. Although you can replenish your health in cities and towns, the blood lost in field battles will be carried over to the next battle. Tamer upgrades will not fill your health. So how to end the battle with the lowest consumption and make up the blood in time is the top priority to reach the next town.

In the wild, there are only other consumables other than the Tem essence that can be recharged, but the headache is that the price of consumables is not low, and the means to obtain money is very scarce. In addition to the mandatory NPC battle, only the captured Tem and other items can be sold. The income can only be maintained barely compared to the consumption. If the player wants to save consumables, the currency that is not deducted in the entire army will be one. Not a small expense. It can take a long time if a player wants to buy a favorite piece of clothing in a clothing store. This is almost a distant dream for players in NPCs who are struggling to play without explanation. The over-repetitive battle experience may make players exhausted before they have officially started to cultivate Tem . After the main line has been overcome, they can reach the previously unexplored area after obtaining climbing tools and surfboards and other props. At this time, players can concentrate on Capture powerful and rare temtem.

Temtem in “Tem” has its own base value as well as a single value and a training value. A single value is unique for each Tem. This value is assigned at birth and cannot be modified. The training value can be obtained by fighting with other Tem. Mastery of attributes is the key to the full potential of Tem, which requires a lot of time to upgrade and cultivate. The existing Teng beast can produce the next generation through breeding. The new Tem can inherit the single value of the parents. Through continuous breeding, strong Tem with a higher single value can be obtained. However, the game also limits the number of breeding times. How to use the talented Tem to breed the next generation is also no small challenge.

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The battle of Tem is interesting and deep, and the cultivation system is also relatively mature. However, the other parts are not perfect, and a lot of repetitive content and boring maps make it difficult for players to stick to the essence of the game.